Sunny (amato_sole) wrote in sweety_icons,

Ok, my second english tutorial, hope you like it.
Comments are loved, and I'd LOVE to see your results!!

How to make this icon with this base
by using PS 7

Layer 1: Your base
Layer 2: #C9C7C7 Color dodge, fill=65%
Layer 3: #7E9CFF Color burn, opacity=30%
Layer 4: #FFC47E Soft light, opacity=65%
Layer 5: A copy of your base set to hue 100%
Layer 6: Another copy of your base set to screen opacity=74%
Layer 7: #B6FDF9 Color burn, opacity=55%
Layer 8: Curves layer, RGB: Output: 149 Input: 94, Red: Output: 131 Input: 97, Green Output: 111 Input: 98, Blue: Output: 94 Input: 121.
Layer 9: Brightness/Contrast layer, Brightness: +14, Contrast: -14
Layer 10: Selective color options layer, Reds: Cyan -100, Magenta +16, Yellows: Yellow +25, Black -26, Greens: Cyan -100, Magenta +100, Neutrals: Magenta +20, Yellow -7, Black +14

Now you'll just have to add some text or brushes.

Hope it was understandable, if not, just ask!

And PLEASE show me your results!!
Tags: tutorial
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