May 19th, 2006

Being Erica - Erica looking back

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So, as you can see I have a new icon community.
Since my icon journal lovely_sweety was going pretty well, I'll explain to you why I decided to change journal!

First of all, I have a paid account with amato_sole now, so I can post polls and stuff.
Second it is way easier for me, because I don't have to logg in and out all the time.
And last but not least, I made a poll where some of you voted, and a majority said changing to sweety_icons would be allright!

So WELCOME to my new community!!
Being Erica - Erica looking back

(no subject)

Want to affiliate with sweety_icons?? Just leave me a comment here, and I'll add you!
All former affiliates of lovely_sweety have been moved here!

Want to share this community with me?
Leave a comment here and show me some of your works, and I'll decide if you get posting access!

Any other questions? Just drop me a line!

And feel free to join, to see members-only posts!!

Want to link back to this community with this little banner?

Just copy the text in the box below to your userinfo/affiliation post/whatever! :)

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