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One Tree Hill - My new obsession... ;)

Ok, I finally worked on some icons again... Hope you like them. :)

[20] One Tree Hill (mostly L/P)


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Icon Post 18

After my photoshop crasing yesterday I finally managed to make some Being Erica icons!! All the work I did yesterday was gone so it took me another hour to re-create it all. Hope you like them. :)

[25] Being Erica


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Icon post 17

This time it's icons from the very fantastic movie Australia!!

[25] Australia icons!!


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PSSSSST, Australia picspam for community members is over here!!

X-Mas batch 2008

Hey my dearest!!
I know, I didn't post in such a long time! And I'm sorry for that but well, There was way too much going on in my private life. I try to make some icons from time to time now.

But for now I created some X-Mas icons!! Hope you like them.


* I LOVE comments! Feedback (positive and negative) is very welcome!
* Do not hotlink!
* PLEASE! Do not edit my icons! I don't make bases!
* Credit sweety_icons please! If you don't know how, it's explained in the userinfo!
* If you like my work, or if you want some extras, JOIN sweety_icons!!

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4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11

You can find my sources HERE!!


Ressources post


I will update my resources whenever I post fanarts containing things that are not mine.
If I forgot to credit you and you see stuff belonging to you used please tell me!




This community is on hiatus!!

Very sorry, but I don't have time for making icons lately!
My job is taking all my time!
Hope you're not mad!
I'll post again once I find some time!

Icon post 16

Whoa, I seem to have too much time! *g* But since I got a job in a great coffee-store now there'll not be so many icons so fast again! :(
But here I am with 90!! new icons!! Mostly Harry Potter stills, promos, cast appearances! ;)

[3] Anne Hathaway
[8] Crossing Jordan
[80] Harry Potter (Order of the Phoenix stills and promos, and premiere pictures)


Preview 1 Preview 2 Preview 3 Preview 4

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Icon post 15

Ok, I had some time on friday evening because I was babysitting without internet access or a TV that would work as it should, so I made icons!
I present 136(!!) still icons and 3 animated Doctor Who ones...

[60] Any Dream Will Do (including Josh Groban and John Barrowman)
[50] Doctor Who (from Last of the Timelords)
[15] Josh Groban
[6] Monkey Island (yes I mean the 1990's computer game! I'm weird I know! *lol*)
[5] Blackpool


[3] Animated Doctor Who


Preview 1 Preview 2 Preview 3 Preview 4 Preview 5

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Icon post 14

I have a bunch of icons for you again! Yeah, I was supposed to learn the last days, but what did I do? Make icons!! *lol*
91(!!!) still and 5 animated ones!!

[30] Doctor Who (2 old school and some up to "Sound of Drums")
[21] Ten things I hate about you
[20] Standoff
[10] NCIS
[10] Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
[5 animated] Doctor Who/Ally McBeal


Preview 1 Preview 2 Preview 3 Preview 4

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Banner post 1

Ok, this is my first "banners only" post! But I just had to make these! *lol*

[12] Josh Groban in concert is ♥ banners!!!
Ok, more like 6 banners and 6 not too different variations... :P

MINI teaser:

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