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Icon post 14

YAY! Me with 50 new icons again! I bet you're all sick and tired of my crap by now, right?! ;)

[15] Heroes (SPOILERS up to 1x22)
[15] Josh Groban
[10] Doctor Who (Season 1 and 2)
[8] Bones
[2] Random (Lady Heather and Danny/Lindsay)

+ 2 animated ones!![Heroes/Crossing Jordan]


teaser 1 teaser 2 teaser 3 teaser 4

Want to see the rest?? CLICK THE CUT!! I know you want to! What are you waiting for? Stop reading the stupid cut text and CLICK IT!! *g* What? Still not clicked it yet? NOW!! :PCollapse )

Icon post 13

FINALLY!! I'm sorry that it took me SOOOO long, and I still think my muse hates me or is going away all the time! So if anyone sees her either spank her or pack her into a bag and send her to me! *g*
Ok, so finally new icons! 45!! this time! Multi-fandom as usual!

[2] Cold Case
[5] Bones
[5] Crossing Jordan
[5] Eliza Dushku
[11] Heroes
[17] Doctor Who


1 2 3 4

And here we go... ICONS!! *g*Collapse )

My third tutorial...

Ok, this is my third tutorial, and please don't hurt me if I make mistakes! ;)

Comments are loved, and I'd LOVE to see your results!!

Today we're trying to make this icon: with this base:

Made with Photoshop 7.0, includes selective colouring, so I guess it's not translateable.
Having PS ready??Collapse )


Icon post 12

Ok, here are 20 new icons, this time only Josh Groban, because he totally rocks, for you!! Hope you like them!


1 2 3

And here's the rest!!Collapse )

Icon post 11

FINALLY!! PS7 works again, and I come bearing 50!! new multi-fandom (as usual) icons for you!!

[12] Bones
[7] Heroes
[5] Crossing Jordan
[5] House
[5] Veronica Mars
[5] Buffy the Vampire slayer
[4] David Tennant / Dr Who
[2] NCIS
[1] Gilmore Girls
[1] Josh Groban
[1] Psych
[1] Tru Calling
[1] Torchwood

And this time I have some more goodies for you!! 4 Banners (friends-only and non friends-only) of Bones and Torchwood!!


1 2 3 4 5

Want to see the rest? Click me!!Collapse )

Icon post 10

Ok, I was a really busy bee the last days!
I come bearing 50 new multi fandom icons!!

[5] James Bond (because you asked so nicely jimaine42!! *g*)
[5] Bones
[5] CSI NY
[15] Dr Who
[5] House
[5] NCIS
[5] Scrubs
[5] Torchwood


1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

See ALL THE BEAUTY here!!Collapse )

Icon post 9

WHOOT!! More icons!!
20 multi fandom icons! Hope there is something that you like!

[1] Bones
[4] Gilmore Girls
[5] CSI NY
[5] Veronica Mars
[5] Dr Who


1 2 3 4

Here they are in all their shining glory...Collapse )

Icon post 8

And new icons again! *g* I love having time to make graphics!

15 new multi-fandom icons!

[9] Torchwood
[3] Las Vegas
[2] James Bond - Casino Royale
[1] The devil wears Prada


1 2 3

Here you go...Collapse )

Icon post 7

WOW! I finally have new icons for you! I hope you like them as much as I do! And PLEASE give me as much feedback as you can! Good or bad, I like to hear what you think of my work!

This time 25 new icons:

[5] Torchwood
[5] Bones
[4] Veronica Mars
[2] Crossing Jordan
[2] Heroes
[2] Keira Knightley
[1] Ashley Olsen
[1] The Devil wears Prada (Anne Hathaway)
[1] Josh Groban
[1] CSI NY Danny (hot! *g*)
[1] Pauley Perrette


Here you are...MULTIFANDOMCollapse )
Ok, my second english tutorial, hope you like it.
Comments are loved, and I'd LOVE to see your results!!

How to make this icon with this base
by using PS 7

How to get this icon...Collapse )